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Yazi Makes Fish Curry

Fish curry is just my favourite. Watch me then have a go yourself. If you use my Amaali spice packs (hand-blended by yours truly!), it will be easy to make and even easier to eat.

Yazi Makes Masala Sauce

A Masala sauce is the base for so many dishes. Here's how to do it.

Yazi Makes a Chaat Salad

This is how to make a traditional Kashmiri Chaat Salad. I use my Amaali spice mixes because they are the best, quickest to use and contain all the spices and herbs needed. I ought to know - I mixed them myself.

Yazi Makes Pilau Rice

Most people like pilau rice with their curry. So next time you make them a curry - make them pilau rice!

Yazi Makes a Spicy Omelette

Spicy omelettes are like the Asian equivalent of fish and chips. They are quick and easy to make. Healthy and tasty. My son's favourite snack.

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