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Masala Curry Fish 




500g fish (cod or any white fish)

1/2 cup of vegetable oil or rapeseed or olive oil

2 onions thinly sliced

A  small cube of crushed fresh ginger 

7-8 cloves garlic

2 small tomatoes chopped or small tin tomatoes

¾ tsp salt (to taste)1

1 tsp  Amaali mix basaar (more if prefered hot)

2-3 green chillis (chopeed with seeds in)

1tsp  Amaali garam masala

Small bunch chopped coriander





In a pan add oil to cover bottom of pan until hot.

Add onions and fry until soft and slightly yellow.

Using a blender or pestle and mortar grind ginger and garlic add this to the onions and fry until ingredients go golden brown

Place chopped tomatoes and cook until soft.

Add Amaali mix basaar and salt,fry ingredients for 10-15 mins until the paste has changed colour and oil has been separated (you may add a little water at times to avoid spices burning).

Add chopped fresh chillis and fry few minutes

Place chunks of fish and stir carefully in a cross shape keep an eye on the ingredients don’t stick to the bottom of pan.

Once all the liquid is evaporated from the fish,low the heat and cook for further 10 minutes.

Add Amaali  garam masala and coriander a few minutes before the dish is cooked. 

If ou prefer coriander and garam masala can be added earlier.


Tip:  You may low the heat slightly when the spices  are added to avoid any burning


Serve with chapattis or rice

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