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Yazi's Spicy Omelette




3 eggs

1/2 finely chopped onion

2 green chilis finely chopped

​coriander chopped (about 2 tbsp)

salt to taste

mix basaar to taste

2tbsp rapeseed oil/vegetable oil/olive oil





Finely chop onions in a bowl

Add finely chopped chilis 

Add eggs, salt, mixed basaar

Chop coriander finely add to mixture.

Whisk the mixture with a fork

Heat oil in a pan or wok.

Place mixture in wok   once oil is hot and cook the omelette


Enjoy with toast, chapatti's 


I love adding some colourful peppers in too. Chop and add them in.

Give it a go it's a ideal dish for teenagers and  hard working university students , to cook. Avoid the pizza's, eat healthy, cook simple healthy dish.

There are lots more simple dishes I will be adding. See you soon. Don't forget to email me your thoughts on simple food.



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