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Yazi's Pilau Rice






500g Lamb chops

2 mugs tilda rice (soaked in water 20 mins)

3 mugs stock from lamb

¾ cup vegetable oil (or less enough to cover bottom of rice pan)

1 medium onion thinly sliced

2 tsp salt (to taste) add more or less

2 tbsp Amaali garam masala




First in a seperate pan add your lamb chops and let them suet. Stir to avoid lamb catching.

Add only 1 tbsp garam masala , 1 tsp salt and fry for couple of  minute, so that lamb has gone slighty dark.

Add enough boiling water to cook the meat. (5 mugs). Leave to simmer until meat is cooked (avoid over cooking)


You will need to keep the stock to add to the rice later.



Place oil in a seperate pan wait till it is hot.

add onions and fry them until golden brown

Add in remaning Amaali garam masala,

Place the drained lamb chops into onion pan.

fry ingredients for 5 minutes until meat is darker

Add in stock and add remaining salt,

let the stock boil in pan a few times then add drained rice (rice washed and soaked for 20 min).

Let the rice cook in water, stir ingredients 2-3 times.(Stiring in a slowly cross shape)

Once water has evaporated put rice in pre heated oven (165*C) for 20 minutes.


Serve with Raita or desired curry


Tip: If rice is not cooked before putting in oven damp a wet tea towel and put it on top of the pan inside), place lid.

If rice is over cooked place a dry te towel. The dry tea towel will observe any extra steam avoiding rice to cook further.

Always be careful when adding salt. You can always taste the stock when the rice goes in to balance the salt to your families taste buds.

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