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Chick Chick Chicken Tonight!

Like me you may have heard from your parents, chicken soup will help to cure colds and heal in so many different ways. But a chicken on the bone doesn’t have to be a broth or stock with no flavour. As a child my siblings and I would often watch my father buy his free range chickens. Being the youngest I was often teased and at times horrified seeing my father prepare the chicken to be cooked. Not much fun being chased by a chicken feather. To escape I would wonder into the kitchen, watch my mother prepare the spices she would later use. Mix Basaar and Garam Masala.

I can taste the Chicken curry just thinking about this delicious dish. My mum always cooked this dish. This wonderful chicken curry dish was prepared with so much love for us all to share with some home cooked chapattis.

As well as chicken you may use lamb/sheep/mutton on the bone. Though these would need longer time to cook and a slightly different method. Recipe for lamb on the bone to follow soon.

As previously mentioned in the turmeric blog. Chicken on the bone was and still is used with turmeric to heal and prevent infections in many Kashmiri families.

Benefits of chicken curry on the bone:-

Reduces joint pain and inflammation

Fights inflammation

Promotes strong, healthy bones

Promotes healthy hair and nail growth

Inhibits infection

Here are some sites that have further information on the benefits as well as more recipes.

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