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Spice up your lasagne

Some of my friends think I am a little crazy when I say to them I cooked a spicy lasagne. They soon change their mind when they have a taste. I love to experiment with my spices and bringing other cultures together through food is just perfect.

Pasta is always welcomed in my home. Cooking a spicy lasagne brings in a bit of extra love at the dining table. It’s not just a favourite with the children but I love this dish.

Now before you start criticizing my version of lasagne. I know I haven’t added the creamy sauce, the wine but it’s never failed with my family. Have a go. Just go easy on the chilli powder if you don’t like spicy food. Spicy Lasagne recipe.

If you think I am crazy trying to mix Kashmiri spices with Italian dish ,well it's not half as wild as the 'Chocolate Lasagna' on the website.

There's so much information on the internet and I came across a spinach lasagne on the seriouseat,com site. It has step by step images. Great dish for vegetarians.

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