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Community and Public speaking 

Yesmien has played a key role in promoting and encouraging community cohesion. She has engaged with many outside agencies in order to improve the knowledge and understanding of the barriers BAMER (Black, Asian, Minority. Ethnic and Refugee) communities face. She has fought to create conditions where BAMER voices can be heard and respected.

Yesmien has worked with various agencies, businesses and public services to help their understanding of the needs of the BAMER communities. She has encouraged communities to be more actively involved in the development of lasting, positive relationships.

Her years of experience, personal and public, have given her a close insight into the nature of support needed to address issues that create social and racial tensions. She has the ability to find new ways of delivering healing activities and creating those tiny but vital nuanced situational changes that can have such a big impact. Yesmien is not afraid to knock on doors and engage with challenging communities in her efforts to develop relationships and build links.

Because of the barriers BAMER communities often face, such as: ‘Where we can go?’ ‘Who we are allowed to spend time with?’ ’Will we be safe? Yesmien has helped agencies and communities set up women’s groups, literacy and numeracy groups, ESOL classes and other activities and classes which support their health, self-confidence, self-esteem.

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