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Yesmien Bagh Ali is a leader, who believes the power is within you. Drawing  from 25 years of experience, supporting community cohesion and integration at grassroots.

As a successful businesswoman she has worked with communities, professional agencies, regionally, and nationally for over 25 years to break down barriers. She has served as an ambassador for various organisations such as IDAS (Independent Domestic Abuse Service), CrimeStoppers, Karma Nirvana, Muslim Women Network UK, Craven Refugees, and Skipton for Social Change. She has planned and facilitated numerous training programmes to prevent the abuse of women and girls, one of the few women credited to attend CSW 57th at the UN, speaking on VAWAG (Violence Against Women And Girls).


Yesmien has led a busy life.  She brought up four children as a divorced mother while creating and marketing the products that form the basis of her business and has appeared on television with live cooking shows, speaks on radio and social platforms about the challenges faced by British Asian women, victims of forced marriage. Her workshops increasingly aim to encourage, empower and create opportunities for women to take on leadership roles. Yesmien is a published author of 'The Lonely Chapatti'.

Yesmien divides her free time between speaking on BLM, culturally sensitive issues, writing scripts, acting, and walking in the Yorkshire Dales. She cherishes her freedom and doesn’t want to place herself in a ‘tick box’ situation. She currently has a film in the early stages of production.


Yesmien has attended and spoken at many events to implement policy change for vulnerable people. Speaking frequently to people in positions of authority, such as the UK ambassador, North Yorkshire Crime Commissioner. She has tried to create empathy and so build more positive relationships between the powerful and the powerless. 


Image by Stoney1979photography

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