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                                             Amaali Pilau Rice with Mutton



I/2 kg mutton on the bone

2 black cardamom

½ tsp peppercorn

2tsp cumin (zeera)

2 inch of cinnamon sticks

2 bay leaves

5 cloves

2tsp salt (or to taste)

3 mugs of basmati rice

1 onion thinly sliced

Oil to cover pan ( ½ cup)

1 tbsp Amaali garam masala


Though we have used whole spices in this recipe you may use Amaali's garam masala in the meat instead. (oprtional)



  • In a large heavy based sauce pan add meat and place it on hob. Turning meat around to ensure all sides have slightly changed colour.

  • Add all spices apart from Amaali garam masala and fry.

  • Add 1 tsp salt.

  • Once meat is nicely brown, add enough water covering meat about 2 inch. Bring to boil and skim of any scum.

  • Cover and allow simmering for at least 40 mins or until meat is cooked. (Please note not to overcook meat as it will be going into the rice for it to finish of cooking).

  • Meanwhile In a bowl soak rice (preferably 30 mins). Remember to go back and stir rice gently in a cross movement.(Twice).

  • Remove meat and spices from stock. We will be using the stock so don’t discard it.

  • Heat oil in a separate heavy base pan and add sliced onions. Fry these until dark golden brown. Make sure you stir to avoid onions burning. You may add small amount of water if onions are sticking.

  • Add Amaali garam masala and remaining salt.

  • Now add the drained meat into the onion pan. I usually discard the whole spices. (This will avoid anyone biting into whole spice).

  • While meat is frying with the onions measure out the stock. You need 4 mugs in total so top the stock up with boiled water.

  • Using a sieve Drain rice and let it stand for few mins

  • Add stock to the pan that has meat in and let it boil few times.

  • Add drained rice to the pan and stir in cross movement (gently avoiding breaking rice). At this point you can taste the liquid and if you need to add either more salt or additional garam masala you can.

  • Put lid on pan and reduce heat slightly.

  • Stir again in cross movements (twice)

  • Once stock has evaporated and rice is cooked, place pan in preheated oven (gas mark 80˚) for 10 mins.


Note if rice seems over cooked before placing in oven get a dry tea towel and cover inside of lid to absorb the steam. If rice is under cooked do the same but with wet tea towel.

Serve with raita, curry.

  image of Mutton pilau rice will be added soon. you can also visit the lamb rice recipe where you can see video.


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