I am Yesmien - ‘Yazi’ - Yorkshire born and bred. My family came originally from a small village in Azaad Kashmir. It was my mother who taught me the secrets of blending spices and made me chop and stir as she cooked her age-old Kashmiri dishes. It is these traditional methods and local village recipes that I now pass on to you.


My recipes are special: delicious, unique and with my hand-blended spices ' mix bazaar', 'chaat masala' and 'garam masala', not so difficult to prepare. You can always get some tips watching my videos.


I started Amaali in 2007 when I decided to turn my passion for Kashmiri food into my work and share my mother’s recipes. But Amaali has grown far beyond my original plans. Through Amaali, I run cookery workshops, cultural awareness programmes, school workshops with activities such as dance, creative story-telling, henna painting and drama.


I also cater for special events – anything from small private parties to wedding banquets and corporate receptions. You can find out more about these things on my other pages.


I grew up in Skipton, ‘Gateway to the Dales. I am British and proud of it. But I am also proud of my heritage and, while my life is very different from the generations that went before, my recipes are the very same. The principle for everything that I do is simple – each authentic and delicious recipe I offer you will do honour to that Asian heritage.


Happy cooking and best wishes with love from



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My cookery workshop. Why not join me?

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Out of the kitchen and into the Dales.