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Yazi's Mum special Sawiya and chawal

(Sweet rice and vermicelli)




Almonds (Badam) 1 cup (you may pre boil almond in water and remove skin,chop almonds in half. or you can use ready flaked almonds.

2 mugs of sugar (or less to taste)

4 mugs rice (quick soak)

1 pkt (large vermicelli) sawiya 500g

1  block butter

½ tsp salt (optional)

3 ½ mugs water (for sawiya)

Orange and green Powder food colouring

You can also add 2 green cardamons and safron (optional).



Add water in pan and place on hob with  ½ tsp  salt and boil water .

In the meantime soak rice (5 mins)  drain and add to the boiling water, half cook rice and using a sieve,drain.

In a seperate big pan add butter to melt  then add broken sawiya and fry until golden brown

Once browned add 3 ½ mugs of boiling water.let it boil a few times.

Add sugar and boil ,once water is almost evaporated add almonds and half cooked rice.

Mix sawiya and rice.

In the centre add some powdered food colouring and  place in pre heated  oven  gas mark 80 for 10 mins. This will just help to finish off the rice.

Then grabbing oven gloves grab both sides of pan. Lid stil secure on pan. Use your hands to also secure lid while you give the pan a good shake. Tipping it side ways up and down.

When you remove lid you will see beautiful colours of rice orange/white/green.

A wonderful sweet rice dish that tastes great with pilau rice.

In this image I only used orange powdered colour. You can add green to make it multi coloured.

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