Colourful Eid Festival


It’s Eid Ul Adha (Muslim festival) in a couple of days. A day not just to dress in new clothes but the food is equally as colourful. Though excitement is not quite the same as you get older I do still enjoy the fact how food brings families and friends together. For me it’s so important on this special occasion to cook the family traditional dishes.

As a child I loved waking up early in the morning to aroma of smells. My mother would already be busy cooking. The smell of frying onions for meat pilau rice to frying semolina and butter for the sweet halwa dish. It was so special and you knew it was an important day.  We would dress in sparkly clothes (salwar kameez) , get lots of money from mum, dad and relatives. (Even the smallest amount as a child was rewarding).

Families and friends would come visit you and taste all the traditional delicious food. It was seen as disrespectable if you said no to any food.We would have sweet and savoury rice and I loved plating a bit of both on my plate. You would often have kebabs, samosas, rice pudding, vermicelli (sevian). The taste and smell of green cardamom was perfect.

Here are few traditional recipes my mum use to cook and still does. I will be cooking and sharing with my family this Eid too.


Amaali Mutton pilau Mums special sevian with rice, more recipes


Here are few useful websites all about Eid Festival and more recipes




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