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Paranta Making method

To make some mouth watering fresh paranta's you first need to make the chapatti dough.View recipe

Once dough is ready then roll out the chapatti and spread butter as shown. Please note you can choose to use oil/gee/coconut butter.

Then roll the chapatti into a sausage shape. 

Now make a spiral shape like you would do for a danish pastry. You will need to gently roll out the shape back into a flat circle. be careful not to press to hard as it will stick. Add some flour onto your rolling pin to avoid sticking. 

On a hot griddle wait for one side to get some heat and cook slightly.Now spread some more butter onto one side of the paranta. Flip it over. Do this gently to avoid any hot butter splashing.Spread butter on the other side too.

While cooking it on the griddle or a tawa spread more butter if needed. Press down any areas that are not thoroughly cooked.

Enjoy the parantas with a curry or as I love these with some tasty home made achaar. (pickle) and a nice cup of chai. Served here with some spicy omelett too.

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