Amaali  'British Value'  workshops



 Schools are only too well aware that the latest hoop the government wants them to jump through is the promotion of  ‘British Values’ through spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. The idea is certainly valuable - now more than ever, but the manner of its effective delivery is not obvious or easy.


And this is where Yazi rides to the rescue!


My background working with Early Years in Education has helped me create hands-on fun practical workshops for pupils both in primary and secondary education. Supporting staff training days and the current North Yorkshire agreed RE syllabus.

These workshops fully support the curriculum's ‘British Values’ demands. They are exciting, practical and relevant. They meet Ofsted's requirement that pupils are helped to develop a respect and understanding of different faiths and cultures.


They aim to:


1. Supporting other principle religions represented in the UK. Understanding of tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs.


2. Tackle the subjects of prejudice and discrimination.


3. Address difficult and controversial events in the news

4. Supporting healthy living.


My workshops usually are set up as 5 different activities with pupils rotating through these activities. They can also be 'mix and matched' to suit each schools needs.


 On offer:


* Kashmiri cooking

* Urdu/English story telling

* Creative art work including henna painting.

* Dressing up in sari’s, salwar kameez, hijabs etc

* Arabic/Urdu writing

* Bollywood dancing

* Drama improvisation exploring prejudice and racial issues.

* Theatre performance followed by discussion or follow up project.

* Interactive sessions linking to the current North Yorkshire agreed RE syllabus.


I am happy to take whole school assemblies and explore the issues of racial prejudice.


I also offer  staff training sessions looking at positive ways of dealing with cultural diversity.Issues related to forced marriages and cultural abuse.


I can visit schools on termly basis to work on schools specific projects.


The cost for full day activities is from £400 with all equipment provided.


Cluster schools can work together and share travel costs.

Below are current Dates of some Festivals the workshops can be linked to:


Dates of  Festivals 2019/20 (May vary).

Diwali - 27th October 2019 (Festival of light).

Holi 9th March 2020.

Ramadhan - starts 23rd April. (Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset).

Eid Ul Fitr - 23rd May. (Feast of fast breaking).

Hajj - 28th -2nd August. (Muslims Pilgrimage to Makkha)

Eid Ul Adha -3rd August 2020




Some of the schools visited in November 2019. Stillington, St Barnabas, Cowling, Grewlthorpe, Fairburn, Fountain, Kirby Hill,

Chappel Haddlesey, Barlow, Burton Salmon.

Visiting many schools across North Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cumbria and more in 2020.